Do you like makeover home renovation TV shows? Excited by the surprised and excited facial expression of the people for whom the renovation was done? We have just the activity for you.

If you are eager to create a fun and educational environment, this activity will be right up your alley. You will have the opportunity to turn a gray and dull yard into a colorful and whimsical play.

The need to connect with people is common among all of us. People with special needs would love nothing more than human connection and knowing they are equal and loved.

When was the last time you held a shovel and pushed a wheelbarrow around? And what about planting a new tree? Help us turn neglected areas in residential neighborhoods into beautiful and well-kept community gardens fit with vegetable beds, spice plants, orchard trees, and colorful flowers.

About 80% of the elderly in Israel experience loneliness. Every fourth senior lives below the poverty line. If you are on optimistic person with good energy, come share your gift with the elderly who need you.

Israel is home to approximately two hundred-thousand boys and girls in various risk situations. You have the opportunity to get them out of the harsh reality and experience a fun day.

Whether it is a freedom farm that gives a wonderful life to rescued animals, a dog shelter for abandoned dogs, or an adoption day for dogs and cats, we will be there to help when needed.

Get your work boots ready and put on clothes that are ready to get dirty. Many of our projects use recycled wood to build new additions to serve institutions. You might just become inspired to build your own table from scratch. Sorry IKEA!

Prefer Asian, French, or Italian cuisine? For many families in Israel, food is not a matter of preference, but a basic need.

We believe that food connects us deeply. If you agree, this might be the place for you.

When getting dressed in the morning, it is easy to pick an outfit that makes statement. For too many people, clothes are merely a basic and often unattainable need.

One of the best parts of volunteering is meeting new people. Instead of seeing the same people in the office or boring lecture or swiping right and left in apps, you can meet some fresh faces who share the same love of doing good for the community. Our events are also great as an outing with friends or even as a date.

The coastal strips in our country are beautiful: mesmerizing blue water, refreshing Mediterranean breeze, golden sand, and too many Bamba bags and Cola bottles.