Tikkun Olam (repair the world) cannot exist without cooperation and a sense of mutual agreement in society. We are proud and excited to have partners who believe in our mission and in us. Without them, it would be very difficult, potentially impossible, to conduct our operations. Behind every volunteer activity, every new community garden, and every painted home, there is a donor who has opened their heart.

Business Partners

Our business partners are companies who understand the importance of contributing to the community and choose us to help them do it in the most effective way. Companies may choose a specific type of volunteering to participate in (help children with special needs, Holocaust survivors, seniors, renovations, etc.), and we plan and organize the best and most meaningful event. The company’s passion is all that is needed to make this day perfect.

Collaborations – tour companies and delegations

We are happy to collaborate with all tourists and visitors who come to Israel to experience the country through their hands, not a camera lens. We are proud to organize for groups such as Birthright, Masa, delegations, and family trips to suit them with a volunteer experience that is just right for them.

Local Municipalities

It is important for us that our volunteering helps those who need it most. That is why we are partnering with local authorities is so important and vital to our mission. We know how to attract passionate and enthusiastic volunteers to the places that need the help the most.

Other Partners

You can’t fix the world alone. We are blessed to have partners with a wide heart, thrilled to invest in the future.