OneDay - Redefining Volunteering

Our Mission

Creating new and meaningful volunteer channels without barriers for young people in order to expand the volunteer circle.

Creating a new generation of volunteers and translating its potential into meaningful work that has a lasting impact on the volunteers and on the subjects of volunteering.

Our Vision

A civil society where there are a variety of volunteer and social activism channels suitable for every person. Volunteering is considered to be social, valued, and desirable as well as a meeting point for expanding social circles and for community building.

Our Values

Much has been said about the Millennial generation in Israel: they refuse to grow up and take responsibility, run away from commitment, are self-centered, passive, disinterested, unscrupulous…

We may not agree with what was said, but we realized that if we want to encourage young professionals to volunteer in the community, we should adjust how we view volunteering and remove the barriers that prevent them from integrating voluntary activities significantly.

That is how it was born. 

OneDay Social Volunteering, a unique international, apolitical non-profit organization, which encourages young people ages 18-35 to volunteer in community activities tailored and adjusted to their worldview and the way they live.

At OneDay, we believe in connecting different parts of society in Israel through joint volunteer activities and aim to raise the volunteer rate among young adults in Israel.

In recent years, we have also expanded our activities to corporate and group volunteer activities. Our team organizes fun days and bonding experiences to employees of companies, organizations, and local/foreign groups. We are continuing to implement our social volunteerism model with the help of many partners from the private and public sectors.

So what is the secret of our success?

All of our community service activities take the unique needs and preferences of young professionals nowadays into account. That’s how we offer them a great, meaningful and fun volunteering experience

Endless opportunities of unique volunteer events

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